IMike and Jane Walker

Liberty Lake, Wa. 

Franck and Doris Gueyeoue

Bellevue, Washington

After just 1 year, what others are saying about Grace Study!

"The first thing that struck me at the Grace Studies is that this is the same Jesus you fell in love with when you first got saved.  It's the way it should always be and it never goes away.  EVERYONE  is welcomed.  You're a Christian, your're welcomed; your're not a Christian, you're welcomed.  You were a believer but life happened and maybe not sure now... Your're welcomed.  It's all about God, and His love for ALL.  It's exploring the Word as Jesus meant it to be, not with heavy burdens because Jesus already did it all.  It's about realizing no matter what you do or don't do, God's love never changes towards us."    Michelle


"This sudy will add a whole new dimention to your walk with God!  It's a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at the scriptures. Life Changing!!"

Eric and Kerry


"Grace Studies have restored a relationship of love and trust with God, as well as the joy of having that relationship.  Through these studies, our focus has been redirected on Jesus, what He did for us and how much He loves us.  They have reminded us that the cross accomplished everything and we don't have to strive to reach the unattainable goal of bing qualified to receive God's love and blessings.  They have been an incredible blessing to our whole family!"  Troy & Kathy

"I was depressed and didn't think I was good enough to talk to God or ask for anything.  With Grace Studies, I realized how wrong I was!"

Touched by God